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Stop Student Hunger at Rutgers University

Thank you for helping raise $64,296 for the Rutgers Food Pantries on Giving Tuesday! To make a gift to the food pantries visit (search "food") to find the pantry at each campus location.  

Stop Student Hunger at Rutgers University

Each year on Giving Tuesday, millions of people around the world come together to give back to their favorite causes. This Giving Tuesday, December 3, you can fill a plate and feed a mind when you make a gift to Rutgers University food pantries. 

Food insecurity has become increasingly prevalent on college campuses across the nation. Rutgers is no exception. Whether that means students skip meals because they are low on funds, or they don't consume enough quality food, it's difficult for students to thrive.

Last year, the Rutgers community came together to raise $52,467 on Giving Tuesday. That support allowed campus pantries to serve over 1,300 students on countless visits. The pantries offer a comfortable and welcoming environment to provide more than just groceries and toiletries. They connect students with resources around the university in order to take care of the physical and psychological demands associated with food insecurity. 

You can help us set even more plates at the table this year!

On average, $40 covers one student's food pantry visit, including a week's worth of groceries and toiletries. When you make a gift, not only do you keep the shelves stocked, you create valuable educational opportunities for students, regardless of their economic background or income level. 

With your gift, students can go on to fuel creativity and innovation at Rutgers.

Today, Don RC'69 and Penny DC'70 Pray, pledged a $10,000 match to the student food pantries across Rutgers. Thanks to the generous donors who chipped in earlier today, we already unlocked their gift! It's not too late to join in before midnight. 

Being a student is hard. It’s even harder when you’re hungry. Make a gift to scrap student hunger today!