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The Scarlet Promise Initiative comprises an array of programs and funds designed to change the trajectory of students’ lives, empowering them to fulfill their potential. This comprehensive effort holistically supports students by providing financial aid, research and internship stipends, student academic support, emergency financial support, food security resources, internship and career counseling, and scarlet promise grants. The Scarlet Promise Fund bolsters each of these efforts as we empower tomorrow’s leaders and offer them irreplaceable opportunities to better the world.

Why are donations necessary?

When it comes to students, excellence can be found everywhere. Finding it and letting it flourish is what drives our university and our nation forward. Yet high-achieving applicants are regularly priced out of higher education. An estimated 40 percent of students in the United States can’t go to the colleges and universities they’re qualified to attend.

Those students who do enroll at competitive institutions often face significant financial challenges. The average unmet need among Rutgers students receiving financial aid is more than $11,000 each year, totaling almost $400 million annually. Many students struggle to complete their degrees within four years, delaying graduation and increasing costs for those least able to afford them. A generation is graduating with student debt that limits career mobility and delays life milestones such as buying a home and starting a family. 

Donations to the Scarlet Promise Fund provide financial and academic support so students can afford a Rutgers education, effectively manage academic responsibilities, complete their degrees without incurring unmanageable debt, and pivot from graduation to purposeful career paths.

How you can Help

Your support for the Scarlet Promise Fund betters the world. By uplifting talented Rutgers students during and beyond enrollment, we empower their social and economic mobility, their communities, and our nation.

Donations are applied to...

Our combined contributions to the Scarlet Promise Fund will support students holistically—from recruitment through on-time graduation and in their early careers. They will help provide food security, academic opportunities, financial aid, and much more.  

The nation’s best universities offer their education to the most talented students regardless of their financial means or social connections. This is a hallmark of leadership. This is what excellence looks like.

Thanks To Our Recent Donors!