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The RBHS Student Emergency Fund provides one-time financial support to students who are experiencing acute financial hardships (such as house fires, burglaries, or medical or family emergencies) and have exhausted all other resources. Emergency funding enables students to navigate life’s obstacles without pausing their studies—so they can complete their degrees and pursue lives of consequence.

Why are donations necessary?

As RBHS students strive to make the world well, sometimes things don’t go as planned. Each year, many students request emergency assistance for tuition, books, and necessities like food and toiletries when they experience unexpected challenges such as the loss of a parent or a job. Donations to the RBHS Student Emergency Fund provide essential financial support to talented pharmacy, medical, dental, health professions, nursing, and public health students for whom a world-class Rutgers education otherwise would be impossible because of unforeseen financial hardship.

Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences is an academic health leader that is shaping the future of human health, pioneering breakthroughs, and integrating care to make the world well. It actively ushers in a healthier future by providing excellent, vital care for New Jersey residents. Beyond the Garden State, RBHS’s vision expands to reimagine the health care industry, modeling integrated patient care, working to provide equity and access to care for all people, and conducting lifesaving research. As RBHS looks toward the future, it is developing health professionals who will help build thriving communities wherever they go.

How you can Help

No talented student should miss out on the life-changing benefits of higher education due to unforeseen financial challenges. Your support provides an essential safety net for Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences (RBHS) students so they can stay focused on their studies and maintain their wellbeing even while navigating surprise financial hardships.

Donations are applied to...

Your contribution to this fund will help alleviate financial stress and empower student success. Donations assist RBHS students facing acute financial hardships so they can navigate life’s ups and downs without sacrificing their studies or the transformational opportunities that arise from higher education.

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