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By supporting our cause, you will be helping the student team members of TEDxRutgers host our annual conference dedicated to sharing Ideas Worth Spreading.

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TEDxRutgers is a non-profit, student-led organization at Rutgers University - New Brunswick, dedicated to empowering individuals through ideas. It holds the only license across all Rutgers University campuses to host TEDx branded events and conferences. Founded in 2011, it aims to foster an environment for spreading ideas, with live speakers and TEDTalks videos, serving as a means to inspire deep discussions and connections between individuals with various backgrounds. We strive to showcase the Rutgers community by hosting student and faculty speakers who are innovators in their respective fields. The conference itself is the culmination of a yearlong team effort in planning, designing, and marketing, and is designed to be enjoyed by those of any background, area of expertise, or occupation. TEDxRutgers prides itself in being an immersive and memorable experience for all attendees, and this year is no exception. Despite some necessary restrictions and adjustments to our usual conference format, the TEDxRutgers team is working hard to make sure our 2021 Conference, themed Roots, is as impactful an experience as ever. Our conference this year on February 27th, 2021 will be streamed virtually, free of charge, and open to everyone. The conference will pay tribute to our roots: the foundations of human life and how geography, institutions, cultures, traditions, identities, ideas, and origins hidden beneath the surface nourish us for development, power, and perseverance. We hope to challenge our audience to think about the embedded ideas, stories, and institutions which shape the unique perspectives of each and every one of us, as our speakers share the deeply-rooted aspects of their lives, whether they were innately natural or self-planted. TEDxRutgers 2021 will serve as a reminder that when we come together, we can spread our roots by sharing ideas, interweaving lifetimes of thought to improve our future. More information regarding our past conferences, 2021 conference details, and the TEDxRutgers team can be found at tedxrutgers.com.

Donations are applied to...

The main costs that donations will be used to cover include fees for our virtual conference hosting site, video editing, and marketing. Any additionally raised funds will be used to enhance the conference experience, including sending speakers videography equipment they may be lacking in order to create more a uniform and professional style of recorded talks.

Why are donations necessary?

In the past, TEDxRutgers has relied almost exclusively on departmental and internal Rutgers funding to make our conferences possible. This year, due to the financial strain placed on these organizations and the lack of funds that we would normally be able to generate through priced tickets, we are turning to our community to help us reach our fundraising goal. We have always valued our connection with the Rutgers Community: students, faculty, alumni, New Brunswick locals, and those who simply have the same vision as us. Donations this year will be as important as ever in ensuring that we can host a memorable, impactful conference for this community.