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Funding for nursing and nursing education research is scarce and difficult to obtain, the Rutgers School of Nursing Alumni Association is dedicated to helping the future of nursing by providing scholarship dollars for nursing students. Traditionally, we gather annually to celebrate nursing excellence while raising these funds. The challenges brought on by the global pandemic of COVID-19 have prevented us from gathering in physical presence but it has not dimmed our spirits or halted our influence. Your donations will help fund educational opportunities, helping our student achieve and reach their full potential by working to ease some of the financial burden. This year more than ever we must do our part to help fund scholarships for nursing students and nurses who are advancing their education.

Donations are applied to...

All donations are earmarked for the Rutgers School of Nursing Alumni Association Scholarship fund. The funds will be disbursed only to Rutgers SON students who apply for scholarships via the annual application process.

Personal Message

Thank you for supporting the nursing leaders and educators of tomorrow. By making a donation to the Rutgers School of Nursing Alumni Association Student Scholarship Fund you will be directly supporting and helping fund nursing education as our students work to graduate and make an impact in the world of healthcare.  We kicked off this fundraising campaign at our Virtual Alumni Gala where we celebrated 2020 nursing student scholarship award winners and highlighted the achievements of our 2020–2021 Outstanding Alumni Award winner, Dr. Cynthia Samuel and the 2020–2021 Rising Star Award winner, Caitlin Kenny.

Also, thank you to all our donors below.

Mary Anne Marra - Platinum Sponsorship

Judith Caruso - Platinum Sponsorship

St. Peter's University Hospital - Platinum Sponsorship

Lori Colineri - Gold Sponsorship

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Aline Holmes - Gold Sponsorship

William Hozemer - Silver Sponsorship

Sue Salmond - Silver Sponsorship

NJSNA - Silver Sponsorship

Shanda Johnson - Bronze Sponsorship

Rachel Wei - Bronze Sponsorship

NAHN NEW JERSEY - Bronze Sponsorship

Barbara Caldwell - Bronze Sponsorship

Rachel Koshy - Bronze Sponsorship

PNANJ -  - Bronze Sponsorship

Judith Woop - Bronze Sponsorship

Cheryl Pantini

Jane Ferrick

Caitlin Kenny

Norma Rodgers

Cynthia Samuel

Lois Greene

Daniel Misa

Carolyn Ruderman

Lauren Webster-Garcia

Grace Patounas

Edna Cadmus

Gina Miranda-Diaz

Margaret Quinn

Genevieve Weathers

Ulanda Marcus-Aiyeku

Linda Flynn

Marlene Allison

Soledad Dela Merced

Pat Hunt

Christina Maund

Deborah Walker McCall

Vivian Carrion

Kathy Horvath

Why are donations necessary?

Your generosity will directly benefit our future Distinguished Rutgers Nurses. This year, where many of our students are facing the brunt of economic challenges, we have set a lofty goal to raise $10,000 in scholarship funds for the Rutgers nurses of tomorrow.

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