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Multi-Mode Hybrid Delivery System

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The inspiration for this project comes from recent trends in the e-commerce industry. Currently, e-commerce completes 9.9% of all retail sales and is expected to reach all-time highs in successive years. What we want to do with our project is streamline the delivery system to consumers in a sustainable and efficient matter. Our multi-mode hybrid delivery system will replace the current needs of in-efficient delivery vehicles and the factor of human error coming in the forms of misplaced packages, wrong addresses, or damaged delivery. Instead of using a traditional last mile vehicle to deliver goods like a USPS or amazon truck, we are introducing the Multi-Mode Hybrid Delivery system. Our system will consist of two parts. A fixed wing aircraft and a multi-rotor drone. The fixed wing aircraft will house the drone and will be able fly long distances efficiently from a distribution center to the customer’s house. Once in vicinity, the drone will then detach from the fixed wing aircraft and deliver the consumer goods. After this is completed, the drone will then reattach to the fixed-wing aircraft and return to the distribution center. Our group of five senior Mechanical Engineering students are excited for this opportunity to work with our donors and the Rutgers community to see this project come to fruition!

Donations are applied to...

Our project is a continuation of two years of previous work and it is necessary that we upgrade the equipment we currently have. These donations will help us purchase a new camera and lens for our drone detection system, lithium ion batteries for both the fixed wing aircraft and drone, 3D printing material for the docking mechanism and much more. Along with these direct costs there are also in-direct expenses such as travel for conferences and licensing.

Personal Message

Thank you to everyone who has donated to our project. We truly appreciate your belief in us and will work hard throughout the year to make it happen.

Why are donations necessary?

This Project has been selected by NASA to be part of its University Student Research Program to develop an Ultra-Efficient Commercial Vehicle. In order to complete grant requirements, NASA has given us a crowdfunding goal of $2000. Once completed, our team will receive the full grant amount from NASA.

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